10/20/23 Watch or Listen time is 2:00, Story by Tom (Treyeshua) Tomeny

The incredible true story of the Willson family.

On Monday, October 2, right here on I-15 southbound in Springville, the entire Willson family was in their old GMC Yukon, nicknamed Shaniqua, wondering how much longer Shaniqua would continue to run.

Suddenly, to their horror at 70 miles per hour, the car in front of them swerved to the left, revealing a huge washing machine box on the right side of that second lane.

There was no avoiding it, Shaniqua plowed right into that box, which turned out to be an actual washing machine. They hit it so hard that it was launched up and over the small car in the right lane. It is likely that a small car hitting that washing machine could have been fatal for the small car occupants.

But, due to the bulk of their old and heavy Yukon, the entire Willson family was unharmed. In fact, they were able to continue to their exit.

Upon exiting, they called the Highway Patrol to report the incident. When the Highway Patrol came to take the report, it turned out that the washing machine owner had also contacted them. The owner was thrilled to learn that no one had gotten hurt by their loss of the washing machine cargo. They gave their insurance information to the Willsons and, just a few days later, the Willsons had a much better replacement vehicle, a GMC Suburban with only 130,000 miles on it instead of the 308,000 that the smaller Shaniqua had.

So the newer Suburban, now named Betsy, is the Willson family vehicle instead of Shaniqua. This is the kind of truly good news story we love to feature here in the Good News Paper.